Precautions for the use of Varnished Glass fabric J0703

Precautions for the use of Varnished Glass fabric J0703

Varnished Glass fabric J0703 is a high-quality insulation material widely used in fields such as shaft insulation. There are some important precautions to follow when using this product to ensure its performance and safety.

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Firstly, regarding packaging and transportation, Varnished Glass fabric J0703 needs to be protected from impact and pressure during transportation, and cannot be stacked in bundles without an outer packaging box. During transportation, loading and unloading, and storage, measures should be taken to prevent rain, moisture, sunlight, fire, and overheating to avoid mechanical damage. The product should be packed in a sealed plastic bag and then placed in a calcium plastic box with a support plate for external packaging. Each bundle shall have a net weight not exceeding 20 kg and an outer diameter not exceeding 200 mm.

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Secondly, regarding storage, Varnished Glass fabric J0703 should be stored in a dry and ventilated warehouse below 15 ℃, and should not be near fire sources or heating. If stored in a warehouse below 5 ℃, the storage period is 30 days; In a warehouse below 15 ℃, the storage period is 15 days.

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Once again, regarding inspection and use, if it exceeds the storage period, it should be inspected according to technical requirements, and only qualified individuals can continue to use it.


In addition, the packaging box of Varnished Glass fabric J0703 should be labeled with information such as the factory name, product model, name, net weight, batch number, production date, and product qualification certificate.

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Finally, regarding the performance characteristics of varnished Glass fabric J0703, it has high insulation and mechanical properties, suitable for shaft insulation. The edge of J0703 varnished Glass fabric is wrapped and coated with room temperature curing adhesive J0708, with a heat resistance grade of H.


Overall, following the above precautions can ensure the performance and safety of Varnished Glass fabric J0703 during use.

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  • Post time: Dec-20-2023