Eddy Current Sensor

  • DWQZ series proximitor Axial displacement Eddy current sensor

    DWQZ series proximitor Axial displacement Eddy current sensor

    Eddy current sensor is a non-contact linear measurement tool. It has the advantages of good long-term reliability, wide measurement range, high sensitivity, high resolution, fast response, strong anti-interference, free from the influence of oil and other media, so it is widely used in power, petroleum, chemical, metallurgical and other industries, such as steam turbine, water turbine, blower, compressor, gearbox, etc Dynamic and static non-contact displacement measurement of large rotating machinery such as large cooling pump.

    DWQZ series Eddy current sensor is composed of three parts: DWQZ probe, DWQZ extension cable and DWQZ proximitor.
  • CWY-DO Steam Turbine Eddy Current Sensor

    CWY-DO Steam Turbine Eddy Current Sensor

    CWY-DO series Eddy current sensor adopts a new design, which makes the new probe have longer service life, more stable and more reliable output. In addition, the new special coaxial cable, gold-plated connector and high-temperature insulator on the connector all make the new probe stronger and work better under difficult conditions. The joint of CWY-DO eddy current sensor and extension cable uses rubber head, so as to avoid the erosion of external dust and oil.

    The selection of cable length on CWY-DO probe is very flexible. You can choose the length of 0.5, 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0m, or the length of 5m and 9m integrated with probe and cable. The probe can be British or metric. At the same time, the reverse mounted probe installed on the inner sleeve of the probe housing assembly can also be supplied.