Lube Oil System Filter Element 2-5685-9158-99

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The lube oil system filter element 2-5685-9158-99 is a dual filter element for small machine lubricating oil stations. Its function is to filter out metal powder and other mechanical impurities worn by various components in the lubricating oil, keep the lubricating oil circuit clean, and extend the service life of the lubricating oil system.
Brand: YOYIK

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The lube oil system filter element 2-5685-9158-99 is an important filtering element in lubricating oil stations. It is made of stainless steel filter material, with a large filtering area and strong dirt holding capacity. The lubricating oil station system consists of an oil station, high-level oil tank, electrical control, and other components. Its function is to provide clean, stable pressure, and stable flow lubricating oil, regulating oil, turning oil, jacking oil, and accident oil to the bearings, gears, pistons, and other parts of the unit. The core of the lubricating oil system is the oil station, mainly composed of oil tanks, oil pumps, coolers, filters, accumulators, control instruments, and valve pipelines.


Material stainless steel
Working temperature -10-75 ℃
Applicable medium lubricating oil
Raw water pressure 10kg/cm2
Structure foldable
Filtering accuracy 10 μ m
Sealing ring material nitrile rubber

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1. Filter oil: The lube oil system filter element 2-5685-9158-99 can filter impurities and pollutants in the oil, preventing them from having a negative impact on the lubrication system.

2. Protecting the engine: The filter element 2-5685-9158-99 can prevent impurities and particles in the oil from entering the engine, reduce friction and wear, and extend engine life.

3. Improving oil quality: The filter element can remove moisture and oxides from the oil, improving the quality and stability of the oil.

4. Reduce maintenance costs: Filter cartridges can extend the service life of lubrication systems, reduce maintenance costs and downtime.

5. The materials used for turbine lubricating oil filter elements typically include paper, metal, chemical fiber, and glass fiber, and their selection depends on different application scenarios and working conditions.

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