Differential pressure valve

  • Sealing Oil Differential Pressure Valve KC50P-97

    Sealing Oil Differential Pressure Valve KC50P-97

    The differential pressure valve KC50P-97 is primarily designed for industrial and commercial applications supplying gas to furnaces, burners and other appliances. The KC50P-97 balancing system enables the regulator to provide accurate control of gas pressure for maximum combustion efficiency despite varying inlet pressure conditions. The single port construction provides bubble tight shutoff. An external downstream control line is required for the operation of the regulator. A restriction collar is available to reduce the flow capacity of the regulator.
  • 977HP sealing oil differential pressure valve

    977HP sealing oil differential pressure valve

    The 977HP differential pressure regulating valve is used in the sealing oil system of the generator set by comparing the sum of hydrogen pressure and spring pressure with the oil pressure. When there is a pressure difference, the valve stem moves up and down, which affects the opening of the valve port and makes The flow and pressure at the outlet of the differential pressure valve change accordingly, and the pressure balance is finally achieved. At this time, the pressure difference ΔP between hydrogen pressure and oil pressure is relatively constant, and the pressure difference value ΔP can be adjusted by adjusting the spring. The differential pressure adjustment range of this valve is 0.4~1.4bar.