• Boiler Water level indicator electrode DJY2212-115

    Boiler Water level indicator electrode DJY2212-115

    The electrical contact of DJY2212-115 water level gauge is a conductive liquid controlled component, which is sealed with 99.9% high-purity alumina ceramic tube and alloy steel using a special gold ceramic welding process. It is firm, reliable, responsive, and accurately controlled.
    Brand: YOYIK
  • LVDT Position Sensor HTD-100-3

    LVDT Position Sensor HTD-100-3

    The LVDT Position Sensor HTD-100-3 is a linear variable displacement sensor used globally to measure and monitor assembly processes, valve positions, resistance welding travel, petroleum and drilling equipment, mining equipment, and other fields. When measuring displacement, it is required that the displacement sensor must obtain accurate readings. With the HTD-400-6 sensor, you can measure displacement as small as a few millionths of an inch.
    Brand: YOYIK
  • LVDT Position Sensor HL-6-150-15

    LVDT Position Sensor HL-6-150-15

    The LVDT Position Sensor HL-6-150-15 applies the principle of differential inductance, which can convert the mechanical quantity of linear motion into electrical quantity, thus achieving the goal of automatic monitoring and control of displacement. The maximum measurement range is 150mm. The shell is made of stainless steel, which has the advantages of simple structure, high accuracy, and no protection. Mainly used in fields such as steam turbine oil engines.
    Brand: YOYIK
  • Duplex Armored Thermocouple WRKK2-221

    Duplex Armored Thermocouple WRKK2-221

    Duplex Armored thermocouple WRNK2-221 Armored thermocouple refers to the insulation material and metal protective sleeve wrapped around the thermocouple wire like armor. The function of armor is to protect the thermocouple wire and add a protective layer outside the thermocouple, such as stainless steel pipes, nets, etc., to prevent corrosion in acidic, alkaline, and other environments.
    Brand: YOYIK
  • Platinum thermal resistance temperature sensor WZPM2-08-75-M18-8

    Platinum thermal resistance temperature sensor WZPM2-08-75-M18-8

    The WZPM2-08-75-M18-8 platinum thermal resistance temperature sensor uses imported platinum resistance components, integrating good production technology, excellent testing methods, and years of manufacturing experience. This product meets the national standard ZBY-85 (equivalent to the IEC751-1983 standard of the Electrical Commission) and can be widely used in industries such as petroleum, chemical, power plants, metallurgy, light industry, food, scientific research, and machinery.
    Brand: YOYIK
  • Armored Thermocouple WREK2-294

    Armored Thermocouple WREK2-294

    Armored Thermocouple WRNK2-294 can measure temperatures up to 1000 ℃. The thermocouple WRNK2-294 consists of two different conductors/metals A and B, forming a loop. When the measured temperature change, a thermoelectric electromotive force is generated in the circuit, it will form a thermal current, which is called the thermoelectric effect. Its wiring method is a dual wire thermocouple, which is one of the commonly used temperature detection components in industry.
    Brand: YOYIK
  • Pressure Switch ST307-V2-350-B

    Pressure Switch ST307-V2-350-B

    Pressure switch ST307-V2-350B is usually used as an action indicator signal in protection and automatic control devices for AC and DC operations. The relay adopts imported ultra-small components, with reasonable layout and structure of electronic circuit design. The pressure switch is driven by an adjustable loading spring operating board. The spring load holds the operating plate on the switch until hydraulic pressure is applied to the small piston to force the operating plate far away from the close to switch contacts. When the hydraulic pressure drops by a small difference, the switch will reset.
  • Magnetic Rotation Speed Sensor ZS-01

    Magnetic Rotation Speed Sensor ZS-01

    The magnetic rotation speed sensor ZS-01 is a high-performance and widely used universal speed sensor used for measuring the speed of magnetic objects, using a non-contact measurement method. The sensor is composed of magnetic steel, soft magnetic armature, and coil inside.
  • Differential Pressure Switch CMS

    Differential Pressure Switch CMS

    The Differential Pressure Switch CMS integrates electrical communication with target communication, enabling both electrical and target communication. If a malfunction occurs in an electrical component or circuit, causing the electrical signal to fail to alarm, the visual signal at the other end can still accurately alarm, thus improving the reliability of the transmitter.
    Brand: YOYIK
  • Linier Variable Differential Transformer (LVDT sensor) TDZ-1E-03

    Linier Variable Differential Transformer (LVDT sensor) TDZ-1E-03

    Linier Variable Differential Transformer (LVDT sensor) TDZ-1E-03 is based on the principle of electromagnetic induction. Unlike traditional power transformers, LVDT is a measuring element with weak magnetic coupling in an open magnetic circuit. Its structure consists of an iron core, armature, primary coil, and secondary coil. During operation, the mutual inductance change with the position of the iron core, and the secondary induced electromotive force also varies, thereby changing the displacement of the iron core into a voltage signal output.
    Brand: YOYIK
  • APH Gap Control System Gap Sensor Probe GJCT-15-E

    APH Gap Control System Gap Sensor Probe GJCT-15-E

    The key problem of air preheater seal clearance control system is the measurement problem of preheater deformation. The difficulty lies in the fact that the deformed preheater rotor is moving and the temperature inside the air preheater is close to 400 ℃, while there is also a large amount of coal ash and corrosive gas inside. It is very difficult to detect the displacement of moving objects in such harsh environments.
    Brand: YOYIK
  • LVDT Position Sensor 3000TD

    LVDT Position Sensor 3000TD

    LVDT Position Sensor 3000TD converts mechanical measurement of liner movement into electrical power. Through this principle, sensors measure and control displacement automatically. LVDT Position Sensor 3000TD have simple structure, high reliability, excellent usage and maintainability, long life, good linearity and high repeat precision. It also has a wide measuring range, low time constant and fast dynamic response.
    Brand: YOYIK
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