Steam turbine tilting pad thrust bearing

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Tilting pad thrust bearing is also called Mitchell type radial bearing. The bearing pad is composed of several bearing pad arc segments that can rotate around its fulcrum. The gap between each bearing pad arc segment serves as the oil inlet of the bearing pad. When the journal rotates, Each tile forms an oil wedge. This kind of bearing has good self-centering performance and will not cause instability. The pad can be tilted freely on the support point, and the position can be adjusted freely to adapt to the changes of dynamic conditions such as rotational speed and bearing load. The oil film force of each pad passes through the center of the journal, and it does not cause the shaft to slide. Therefore, it has high braking performance, can effectively avoid oil film self-excited oscillation and gap oscillation, and has a good limiting effect on unbalanced oscillation. The bearing capacity of a tilting pad radial bearing is the vector sum of the bearing capacities of each pad. Therefore, it has a lower bearing capacity than a single oil wedge hydrodynamic radial bearing, but has high rotation accuracy and good stability, and is widely used in high-speed and light-load machinery, such as steam turbines and grinders.

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Steam turbine tilting pad thrust bearing

Tilting pad thrust bearings are usually composed of 3 to 5 or more arc-shaped pads that can tilt freely on the fulcrum, so they are also called living multi-pad support bearings, also known as swing bearing pad bearings. Because its pads can swing freely with different speeds, loads and bearing temperatures, multiple oil wedges are formed around the journals. And each oil film pressure always points to the center, with high stability.

In addition, the tilting pad support bearing also has the characteristics of large support flexibility, good vibration energy absorption, large bearing capacity, low power consumption and adaptation to forward and reverse rotation. However, the structure of the tilting tile is complex, the installation and maintenance are difficult, and the cost is relatively high.

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