Hydraulic Accumulator NXQ-A-6.3/31.5-L-Y

Short Description:

The hydraulic accumulator NXQ-A-6.3/31.5-L-Y plays a variety of roles in the hydraulic system, such as storing energy, stabilizing pressure, reducing power consumption, compensating for leakage, absorbing pressure fluctuations, and mitigating impact forces.
Brand: YOYIK

Product Detail


Structure bottom repair structure, top repair structure
Fastening Method dead ring or bearing
Installation vertical
Medium hydraulic oil, emulsion, water- ethylene glycol
Working Temperature -10℃~70℃
Gas filled in the bladder nitrogen


1. Accumulator shall be installed vertically with the gas valve upright. Inspection space shall be retained near gas valve.

2. Accumulator shall be fixed tightly on the supporter or wall.

3. When used for buffering and absorbing the fluctuation, accumulator shall be placed near the fluctuation source.

4. Check valve shall be placed between accumulator and hydraulic pump to prevent return flow of oil for the accumulator when the electric machine of pump stops working.

5. Stop valve shall be placed between accumulator and pipe system to be used in gas charging, draining speed adjusting or long term stopping.

6. Welding shall not be applied in fixing the accumulator.

Inspection and repair

1. Inspection of leakage. After installation, check the gas pressure in bladder every week. A month later, check every month, half a year later, check every half year.

2. When accumulator is not used for a long period, the check-valve shall be closed to ensure that the oil pressure is above that charging pressure.

3. If the accumulator does not take effect, check whether there is leakage. If there is no nitrogen in the bladder and oil is out of gas-valve, please check the bladder.

4. Drain the oil before demount accumulator. First let out the nitrogen with the charging device, then the parts can be demounted.

5. If there is leakage because of loosening of nuts in the process of transportation and testing, please check that seal ring is in the slot. Place the seal ring in the right place and revolve the nut. If leakage still exists, please change the parts.

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hydraulic accumulator NXQ-A-6.331.5-L-Y (6) hydraulic accumulator NXQ-A-6.331.5-L-Y (5) hydraulic accumulator NXQ-A-6.331.5-L-Y (4) hydraulic accumulator NXQ-A-6.331.5-L-Y (3)

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