BFPT LUBE oil filter element RLFDW/HC1300CAS50V02

Short Description:

The BFPT LUBE oil filter element RLFDW/HC1300CAS50V02 is a lubricating oil filter element that acts on the individual transmission pipeline filter of the lubrication system. It can efficiently block solid impurities generated by mechanical losses mixed in the oil liquid, avoid impurities from flowing with the medium and damaging the components, ensuring the normal operation of the system.
Brand: YOYIK

Product Detail

Working principle

The BFPT LUBE oil filter element RLFDW/HC1300CAS50V02 is a dual connection type, with one operating and the other standby. When one filter element is blocked, the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet increases, and the pressure difference transmitter will alarm. At this time, it is necessary to replace or clean it in a timely manner to ensure the normal operation of the generator.

Gearbox is important mechanical equipment widely used in generator sets, whose main function is to transmit power to the generator and obtain the corresponding speed. The filter element RLFDW/HC1300CAS50V02 is used in the lubricating oil system to remove dirt and impurities in the oil, providing clean lubricating oil for the gearbox and improving its working efficiency.

Technical parameters

Filtering accuracy 1-100um
Filter material 304 stainless steel mesh
Working pressure 1.6Mpa
Working temperature -29 ℃~+120 ℃
Applicable objects hydraulic oil, lubricating oil
Filter effect impurity removal and demulsification

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Product advantages

1. The thickened end cover framework of the BFPT LUBE oil filter element RLFDW/HC1300CAS50V02 has strong compressive strength;

2. The filter element has uniform refraction, sufficient materials, and a large filtering area;

3. The filter element has high accuracy, large pollutant capacity, and good demulsification effect;

4. The filter element is resistant to acid and alkali corrosion, high temperature, and has strong oil permeability;

5. This filter element has quality assurance and good cost-effectiveness

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