APH Gap Control System Gap Sensor Probe GJCT-15-E

Short Description:

The key problem of air preheater seal clearance control system is the measurement problem of preheater deformation. The difficulty lies in the fact that the deformed preheater rotor is moving and the temperature inside the air preheater is close to 400 ℃, while there is also a large amount of coal ash and corrosive gas inside. It is very difficult to detect the displacement of moving objects in such harsh environments.
Brand: YOYIK

Product Detail

The Gap Sensor Probe GJCT-15-E is used in conjunction with the Gap transmitter GJCF-15 and power supply GJCD-15.

The GJCF-15 Gap transmitter for air preheaters is a device used to measure the gap of boiler air preheaters. The design principle is to calculate the size of the gap by measuring the pressure and temperature inside the preheater.

Specifically, the transmitter consists of two sensors: a pressure sensor and a temperature sensor. These sensors are installed at the inlet and outlet of the preheater to measure the pressure and temperature at the inlet and outlet. In addition, the transmitter also includes a microprocessor to calculate the gap size and output the corresponding signal.

During operation, air flows through pressure and temperature sensors through the preheater. These sensors transmit the measured data to the microprocessor, which calculates the size of the gap by comparing the differences in inlet and outlet pressure and temperature. The calculated gap size will be output in the form of an electrical signal for the monitoring system to record and process.

Performance Index

measure scope 0-10mm
resolution ≥0.1mm
frequency response ≥50Hz
temperature resistance for sensor ≥420℃
temperature resistance for transmitter ≥65℃
output signal output signal can be chosen from 0-10mA or 4-20mA
Maintenance cycle of measuring devices Two years (without cooling air device)
Four years (installation of cooling air device)

Supporting dedicated power supply

A high-performance analog power supply GJCD-15 equipped with a high-temperature eddy current displacement detection device.

Spec. ±12VDC,four-way
rated current 0.5A
precision ±5%
ripple coefficient 0.5%

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Gap transmitter GJCF-15 power supply GJCD-15

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