NXQ series EH oil system accumulator Rubber bladder

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NXQ series bladders are used together with this series of accumulators. In the equipment, it can store energy, stabilize pressure, reduce power consumption, compensate for leakage, and absorb pulses. NXQ series bladders conform to the GB/3867.1 standard and have the characteristics of oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, flex resistance, small deformation and high strength.

After the accumulator is put into use, check the air pressure of the air bag once a week, to once a month, and then once every six months. Regular inspection can detect leaks and repair them in time to maintain the best use of the accumulator.

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NXQ series EH oil system accumulator Rubber bladder

When the equipment is not used for a long time, the shut-off valve between the oil port and the pressure oil pipe should be closed to keep the oil pressure of the accumulator above the charging pressure.

If the accumulator in the device does not work, please check whether it is caused by the leakage of the gas valve, so that the nitrogen can be replenished. If there is no nitrogen inside and the gas valve leaks oil, please disassemble it to check whether the bladder is damaged.
Before disassembling the accumulator, the pressure oil should be discharged first, and the nitrogen gas in the air bag should be exhausted with an inflation tool, and then the parts can be disassembled.

During transportation or pressure test of the NXQ series bladders, when the accumulator tightening nut is loose and the accumulator leaks oil outward, please check whether the sealing ring is pushed out of the sealing groove. After the installation is stable, tighten the nut. It is best to tighten the nut at the system pressure Max value. If the oil still leaks, replace the relevant parts.

The NXQ series accumulator bladders are generally made of nitrile and butyl, with nominal pressures of 10, 20, and 31.5Mpa to choose from. The bladder is filled with nitrogen, and the medium between the bladder and the accumulator can be EH oil, mineral oil, water-glycol, emulsion, etc.

NXQ series accumulator Rubber bladder and spares

NXQ series bladders and spares (1) NXQ series bladders and spares (2) NXQ series bladders and spares (3) NXQ series bladders and spares (4)

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