Electro-hydraulic servo valve G761-3034B

Short Description:

G761-3034B Electro-hydraulic servo valve is an actuator that converts electrical signal input into high-power pressure or flow pressure signal output. It is an electro-hydraulic conversion and power amplification component that can convert small electrical signals into large hydraulic power, driving various types of loads. This series of electro-hydraulic servo valves can be used as three-way and four-way throttle flow control valves, with fast response, pollution, and other characteristics, suitable for position, velocity, force (or pressure) co servo control systems.

Product Detail

The Electro-hydraulic servo valve G761-3034B, also known as the servo module, is developed and manufactured by MOOG in the United States. It adopts the design concept of Dry torque motor and two-stage hydraulic amplification module. The front stage is a dual nozzle baffle valve without friction pairs, with a high driving force, high dynamic response performance, sturdy structure, and long service life. The recommended temperature for EH oil is -29 ℃~135 ℃. Its acid value, chlorine content, water content, resistivity and other indicators meet the requirements. In order to prolong the lifespan of the system and components, the system oil particle size should be maintained at SAE level 2, NAS-1638 level 6, or ISO-15/12. The factory comes with a protective base plate.

Instructions for use

The corresponding accessories of Electro-hydraulic servo valve G761-3034B include servo valve filter element, servo valve seal, aviation plug, etc. If the small parts inside the servo valve are damaged due to the influence of oil impurities, these small parts can be replaced separately to save the cost of replacing the servo valve.


Oil pollution is the main cause of servo valve jamming and damage to vulnerable components such as seals and servo valve filter elements. Therefore, the quality of the oil in the hydraulic oil system is crucial, and it is necessary to choose an oil with good flame resistance and a temperature above 538 ℃ that does not flash during the open flame test. Only in this way can we ensure that the various technical indicators of fire-resistant oil are within the standard range.


At the same time, in order to prevent jamming of the Electro-hydraulic servo valve G761-3034B, it is necessary to conduct regular testing on the servo valve, with a testing period of about 1 year being more appropriate, and to strengthen the management of the servo valve.

After sales cleaning service

(1) Replace all seals inside the valve body.

(2) Clean, detect flow rate, pressure characteristics, internal leakage, zero deviation, etc., and issue test reports.

(3) If there are damaged parts that have been confirmed by the user, replace them (replacement of damaged parts requires additional charges).


Remark: The above services are available for free within one year of purchase.

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