MFZ-4 steam turbine cylinder sealing grease

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MFZ-4 cylinder sealing grease is a liquid paste sealant manufactured by YOYIK. It is specially used for sealing the cylinder joint surface in thermal power plants and industrial steam turbines. It can resist 680℃ heat and 32Mpa steam pressure. With this excellent high temperature resistance, high pressure performance and strong adhesion performance, it is an ideal sealing material for steam turbine installation and maintenance in thermal power plant. It can also be used for high temperature sealing of flange surface of high temperature furnace pipeline.

Product Detail


The Features of MFZ-4 cylinder sealing grease:

- Good resistance to high temperature and high pressure, zero leakage
- Liquid grease is easy to apply. Tough, dense and creep resistant after cured.
- Resistant to high temperature steam and other chemical medium. Protect the cylinder surface from corrode.
- Free of asbestos and halogen. Non-toxic and pollution-free


Appearance brown liquid paste Viscosity 5.0*105 CPs
Temperature Resistance 680 ℃ Package 2.5kg/bucket
Pressure Resistance 32Mpa   5kg/bucket

Applying Method

1. The cylinder surface shall be clean and free of oil, foreign matters and dust.
2. After full stirring, apply the sealing grease on the steam turbine cylinder surface in 0.5-0.7mm thickness. To prevent the sealing grease from entering the flow passage system, do not apply it around the bolt hole, locating pin hole or the inner edge of the cylinder surface.
3. Buckle the cylinder fastening bolts and wipe the overflowing MFZ-4 cylinder sealing grease.
4. After the completion of cylinder buckling, there is no need to wait. The sealing grease will solidify when the unit starts up and heats up.
5. When the cylinder surface is deformed seriously, the gap is large and uneven; the cylinder surface shall be treated necessarily before selecting the corresponding type of products.

Storage & Operation

1. The MFZ-4 cylinder sealing grease store in cool and dry place. Keep away from acid, fire source and oxidant. Keep the lid closed.
2. This sealing grease may be slightly irritating to the skin and eyes. Do not wear contact lenses. In case of eye contact, rinse immediately with water for at least 15 minutes and see a doctor. If ingested, do not induce vomiting. Seek medical treatment immediately.

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