WZPM2-001 PT100 Platinum thermal resistance Thermocouple

Short Description:

WZPM2 type platinum thermal resistance is a surface temperature measuring component can be made into various thermometer products for surface temperature measurement. Platinum RTD components can be equipped with metal sheath and mounting fixtures (such as threaded joints, flanges, etc.) to form a fabricated platinum thermal resistance.

The wire connected with WZPM2-001 thermal resistance measuring element is sleeved with a stainless steel sheath. The wire and sheath are insulated and armored. The resistance value of the platinum resistance changes with temperature in a linear relationship. The deviation is extremely small, and the electrical performance is stable. It is resistant to vibration, high in reliability, and has the advantages of precise sensitivity, stable performance, long product life, easy installation and no leakage of oil.

Product Detail


The features of WZPM2 type platinum thermal resistance:

(1) It has the characteristics of small temperature probe, high sensitivity, linear scale and long life.
(2) It has a variety of functions such as long-distance transmission of resistance signals (PT100), shock resistance, resistance and high-power switching signals.
(3) The structure is the same as the international similar products, which can replace imports.


Platinum thermal resistance WZPM2-001 is suitable for surface temperature measurement of steam turbine and generator bearings, bearing temperature measurement of equipment with bearing equipment in power plant, and other temperature measurement for shock-proof applications.

Ordering Informatinon

Please specify the product model, sheath size, installation depth, indexing mark, wire length.
E.g.: Dual platinum thermal resistance WZPM2-001 with sheath size φ6 x 18, installation depth 40mm, indexing mark PT100, wire length 3500mm.

*For any special requirements, please contact us for details.

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