YAV-II accumulator Rubber bladder gas charging valve

Short Description:

YAV-II type charging valve is a one-way valve for charging the accumulator with nitrogen. The charging valve charges the accumulator with the aid of a charging tool. After the inflation is completed, it can be closed by itself after removing the inflation tool. This filling valve can also be used for filling of non-corrosive gases. This type of inflatable valve has the characteristics of small volume, high pressure bearing and good self-sealing performance.

Product Detail

Technical parameter

Technical Parameter of YAV-II type charging valve:

Inflation pressure range: 4~40MPa
Nominal diameter: 5mm
Threaded connection: import M14*1.5mm, export M16*1.5mm
Applicable accumulator model: NXQ-*-0.6~100/*-H
Weight: 0.07Kg

Charging of Nitrogen

1. Accumulator shall be inspected before nitrogen is charged.
2. When use YAV-II type charging valve, nitrogen shall be charged slowly to ensure the bladder be not broken by quickly charging.
3. Oxygen, compact air or other flammable gas shall not be used.
4. Gas charging device shall be used in charging the Nitrogen. Gas charging device is inseparable part of accumulator to be used in charging, draining, measuring and adjusting the charging pressure.
5. Determining of charging pressure
1) Buffering impact: Charging pressure shall be the normal pressure of installation site or a little above.
2) Absorbing fluctuation: Charging pressure shall be 60% of average pressure of fluctuation.
3) Storage of energy: Charging pressure shall be lower than 90% of minimum working pressure (generally 60%-80%) and higher than 25% of maximum working pressure.
4) Compensation for hot swelling: Charging pressure shall be the minimum pressure of close circuit of hydraulic system or a little lower.

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YAV-II~4YAV-II type charging valve

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