• OWK Series Oil-Water Alarm

    OWK Series Oil-Water Alarm

    The OWK series oil-water alarm detects the oil leakage in the hydrogen-cooled generator units. It has simple structure and is easy to install. It is composed of sheild, float, permanent magnet and magnetic switch. When liquid enters the shell, the float will move. The upper part of the float rod is equipped with a permanent magnet. When the float rises to a certain distance, the magnetic switch will act to turn on the electrical signal, and send out an alarm. When the liquid inside the shell is discharged, the float falls by its own weight, and the magnetic switch acts as a cut-off signal, and the alarm is released. An observation window made of oil-resistant Plexiglas is installed on the shell of the alarm to facilitate the inspection of the liquid level.
  • SZC-04FG wall mounted rotational speed monitor

    SZC-04FG wall mounted rotational speed monitor

    The SZC-04FG rotational speed monitor is the upgraded product specially designed for measuring the speed and direction of rotation of rotating machinery, overspeed and reverse protection, and zero speed and turning speed.
  • DF9032 MaxA Dual Channel Thermal Expansion Monitor

    DF9032 MaxA Dual Channel Thermal Expansion Monitor

    DF9032 MaxA dual channel thermal expansion monitor is a new product especially designed and manufactured for monitoring and protection of the thermal expansion of the shell of rotating machinery or valve location and travel, etc.
  • DF9011 pro Precision Transient Rotational Speed Monitor

    DF9011 pro Precision Transient Rotational Speed Monitor

    DF9011 Pro is designed with the concept which is used to monitor the special PLC, so it owns the character of high reliability. DF9011 Pro has an advanced microprocessor inside which is used to continuously check the states of sensors, circuitry and soft. E2PROM records the working state data of the instrument automatically.

    You can set overspeed alarm, 0 rotating speed alarm, and tooth number by the keyboard on DF9011 Pro. So you can easily inspect and protect various rotating speed variables. DF9011 Pro supplies many custom-built measurement functions to meet various demands. DF9011 Pro can also record real-time measurement data which can be downloaded for data analysis and trouble detection later.

    DF9011 Pro has accurate, rapid and reliable second-level alarm function. So it can insure that every alarm be correct for each time. When rotating speed exceeds alarm level, DF9011 Pro will alarm immediately and the corresponding relay will work.