What Can Be Measured With Eddy Current Sensor PR6426/010-040

What Can Be Measured With Eddy Current Sensor PR6426/010-040

As a non-contact sensor, eddy current sensor PR6426/010-040 is often used in very harsh environments, such as oil pollution, hot steam, or severe temperature fluctuations. For some important applications, there are also requirements for accuracy, temperature stability, resolution, and cutoff frequency.

CWY-DO series Eddy current sensor (4)

Under different working conditions, different measurement principles have their own advantages and disadvantages. Strictly speaking, the measurement principle of eddy current sensors should belong to an inductive measurement. The PR6426/010-040 sensor can be used to control different displacements, speeds, vibrations, check product quality, and many other applications.

Eddy Curent Sensor DWQZ Serise (2)

The eddy current sensor PR6426/010-040 can continuously and accurately collect various parameters of vibration, rotation, and other trajectory movements in velocity analysis and measurement, especially for non-contact rotation and displacement signals. We take one of the “displacements” as an example. When the PR6426/010-040 sensor is used to measure the displacement of a metal object, its working principle is that the coil inside the probe will be energized with alternating current, which will form eddy currents on the surface of the metal object, and the eddy currents will in turn affect the impedance of the coil. The distance change from the object to the sensor can also be calculated.

Eddy Curent Sensor DWQZ Serise (3)
Yoyik provides different types of eddy current sensors for power plant users:
Shaft Position Probe Cwy 3m
Industrial Proximity Sensor Pr6423/011-030-Cn
Eddy Current Sensor Pr6424/010-010
Sensor Proximity Switch Con021
240v Proximity Switch Cwy-D0-811104-01-07-90-02
Electrical Proximity Sensor Cwy-D0-810804-01-07-90-02
Cable Sdy 3800 Xl 11 Mm
Magnetic Proximity Switch Pr9268/301-000
Eddy Current Sensor Circuit Pr6423/011-000
Magnetic Proximity Sensor Price Cwy-Do-810030-040-01
Axle Vibration Sensor Pr9376/010-011
Connecting Cable For Epro Sensor Sdy 3800 Xl 25 Mm
Proximity Probe Sensor Tm0181-040-00
High Precision Proximity Sensor Wto120-A00-B00-C05-D90
Connection Cable Cwy 5m
Eddy Current Sensor Working Wto110-A00-B00-C05-D10
Shaft Displacement Preamplifier Pr6426/010-010

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