Turbine Rotation Speed Monitor HZQS-02A

Short Description:

The turbine rotation speed monitor HZQS-02A and protection instrument is suitable for monitoring and protecting steam speed in power plants. It is equipped with reluctance speed sensors and gear speed sensors, with accurate measurement and stable performance. It can expand its functions according to user needs. It is applicable to the speed measurement requirements of power plant steam turbines, industrial steam turbines, water pumps, and fans. It is also suitable for monitoring and protecting rotating machinery in textile, petroleum, chemical and other units.
Brand: YOYIK

Product Detail


The turbine rotation speed monitor HZQS-02A is a digital display instrument designed with intelligence, which has the characteristics of high accuracy, stable performance, strong anti-interference, high reliability, simple operation, durability and reliability. Capable of expanding functions according to user needs, users can set parameters such as number of teeth, coefficient, alarm value, etc. of the instrument on site through keyboard and software according to different conditions. This monitor has speed measurement, two-stage alarm, overspeed protection, analog voltage and current output, and sensor fault monitoring. It can output up to three alarm switch contacts and lock the alarm contacts.

Function of turbine rotation speed monitor HZQS-02A

1. Quick display, allowing real-time observation of continuous changes in unit speed on the display screen.

2. Flexibly set and modify instrument parameters according to the actual situation on site.

3. High precision current output 4-20mA current signal output, small temperature drift, and strong stability.

4. The measured value and alarm set value can be displayed on the LED Nixie tube respectively.

5. Alarm values can be set and modified arbitrarily.

6. When the alarm setting value is exceeded, the alarm indicator light will light up and a switch signal will be output on the rear panel to protect the monitored equipment.

7. Alarm setting delay adjustment, with a range of 1-60 seconds, to prevent false alarms caused by on-site interference.

8. Be able to maintain the set parameters and other memory values during power outages.

9. Equipped with a current output interface, it can be connected to computers, DCS, PLC systems, paperless recorders, and other equipment.

Rotation Speed Monitor HZQS-02A Detail Pictures

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