Accumulator Rubber Bladder NXQ-A-25/31.5

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The accumulator rubber bladder NXQ-A-25/31.5 (also known as airbag) plays various roles in hydraulic systems, such as storing energy, stabilizing pressure, reducing power consumption, compensating for leakage, absorbing pressure pulsation, and reducing impact force. This rubber bladder is formed without adhesive and has strong endurance to fatigue, and has very low gas-liquid permeability.
Brand: YOYIK

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The accumulator rubber bladder NXQ-A-25/31.5 is suitable for the EH oil system of steam turbines. It is a safe and convenient internal opening inspection and replacement of the bladder in a short period of time without the need to remove the hydraulic system pipeline. The top maintenance is convenient for the accumulator, and the working fluid will not scatter, which is beneficial for protecting the environment. If the rubber bladder is improperly installed, folded, twisted, etc., it is the cause of its damage. Our company's energy accumulator can easily confirm the installation status of the rubber bladder from the top, so that the cause of rubber bladder damage can be prevented in advance


The accumulator rubber bladder NXQ-A-25/31.5 uses a tray to strengthen the bottom of the bag to prevent damage caused by severe deformation. This design aims to ensure uniform shrinkage, suppress reverse folding, and significantly extend the service life of the rubber bladder. At the same time, due to its ideal contraction shape, it can effectively utilize the energy efficiency of the working fluid. The hydraulic circuit is equipped with accessories such as fuse plugs, pressure gauges, safety valves, and check valves, which can be used to observe the action of the function in a timely manner. The accumulator is designed to melt at a temperature of 160 ℃ to discharge the gas load and prevent the accumulator from malfunctioning in this situation.

A check valve should be installed between the accumulator and the hydraulic pump to prevent the pressure oil stored in the accumulator from flowing back when the pump motor stops running. A convenient stop valve is set between the accumulator and the Plumbing, which is used for inflation, oil discharge speed regulation or long-term shutdown.

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