Needle Valve DN40 PN35

Short Description:

Needle Valve DN40 PN35, also known as high-pressure internal balance stainless steel globe valve, the valve body and bonnet are made of F304 material, and the internal parts in contact with the medium are made of 304 material. The connection type is flange welding type. The maximum stroke of the needle valve is 16mm, and the working medium is air, nitrogen, and CNG. It can operate in a temperature environment of - 40 ℃ to 65 ℃.

Product Detail

Technical specifications

1. Before assembling the needle valve DN40 PN35, all metal parts shall be cleaned with metal cleaning agent after passing the inspection. Non-metal parts shall be cleaned with alcohol, and dried with oil-free compressed air or nitrogen. The valve body shall be free of foreign pollutants such as oil stains, cotton yarn, and other residues.

2. Apply the special 221 grease to the threaded joints and sealing rings that are not in contact with the media. The 211 grease applied to the sealing ring in contact with the medium should be uniform and not too much. The thrust bearing should be coated with 7008 general aviation grease.

Factory inspection

1. Open and close the needle valve DN40 PN35, and it is required that the valve act flexibly without jamming and abnormal sound. It is qualified.

2. Open the needle valve DN40 PN35, block the outlet of the valve, apply 53MP water pressure from the inlet, conduct a strength test, and maintain the pressure for 5 minutes without leakage and visible deformation. It is qualified.

3. Close the needle valve DN40 PN35, block the valve outlet, and inject 35MPa nitrogen into the inlet. Check the external seal of the valve. It is qualified if there are no visible bubbles within 5 minutes.

4. Add nitrogen to the inlet to increase to 35MPa, open and close the valve 5 times, and then close the valve. Check the leakage amount at the outlet. It is required that there are no more than 5 bubbles in 5 minutes as qualified. At the same time, it is qualified if the remaining external sealing is checked and there are no bubbles.

Technical parameter

Nominal diameter DN40
Nominal pressure 35MPa
Working medium air, nitrogen, CNG
Working temperature 40℃~65℃
Maximum stroke 16mm

DN40 Needle Valve spare


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