Generator grey insulating varnish 1361

Short Description:

Generator grey insulating varnish 1361 is a mixture of insulating paint and fillers, suitable for surface covering of motors and electrical appliances, as well as anti-covering coating of the insulation surface at the end of high-voltage motor stator winding (winding), and spraying insulation on the surface of rotor magnetic poles.
Brand: YOYIK

Product Detail

grey insulating varnish 1361 is an F-grade insulation covering varnish that can be used for electrical insulation at 135 ℃ in high temperature environments. It has good moisture resistance, mold resistance, dryness, and adhesion. It has high hardness and is widely used for surface insulation of electronic and electrical equipment parts. It is also widely used in large and medium-sized power generation units in power plants, with fast drying, good insulation performance, less aging, long service life, good mechanical performance after drying, less damage, and no layering phenomenon.

Technical Parameter

Appearance The color is dark gray, with uniform mechanical impurities
Drying time ≤ 24H (room temperature)
Electrical strength ≥ 35 MV/m
Volume resistivity ≥ 1.0 * 1013 Ω. cm
Ratio Single component insulation varnish
Storage Store at room temperature, away from heat sources, and avoid direct sunlight
Shelf life Storage period at room temperature is 6 months

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Before use grey insulating varnish 1361, it is necessary to stir thoroughly and evenly. It can be applied directly or surface sprayed. If spraying method is adopted during use, an appropriate amount of diluent can be added to facilitate construction, but the addition of diluent cannot be excessive, otherwise it will affect the insulation effect.

After applying grey insulating varnish 1361, the motor winding and insulation components will form a continuous and uniform paint film on the surface of the product, which can prevent mechanical damage, air, oil, and various chemical substances from corroding the components.

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