Oil Transfer Gear Pump 2CY-45/9-1A

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The 2CY-45/9-1A oil transfer gear pump (hereinafter called as the pump) is used to transfer various oil media with lubricity, temperature of not more than 60℃ and viscosity of 74x10-6m2/s below. After modification, it may transfer oil media with temperature of not more than 250℃. It is not suitable for the liquid with high sulfur ingredient, causticity, hard particle or fiber, high volatility, or low flash point.

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The structures of 2CY-45/9-1A oil transfer gear pump:

a.The pump head mainly includes the pump body, driving gear, driven gear, front cover, rear cover, bearings and seals.
b.The pump body, front cover and rear cover is made from grey cast iron and gears are made from alloy steel.
c.There is mechanical seal in the rear cover. Bearing adopts the single row radial ball bearing or cylindrical roller bearing and they are lubricated by transferred oil.
d.There is a safety valve in the pump body. In case of closing of the valve of the oil drainage pipeline or failures of the oil system, which causes that oil pressure exceeds the rated pressure; the safety valve will automatically open to make part or whole oil return to the oil suction chamber, ensuring the pump and pipeline.
e.The pump is installed on the bottom plate and connected with the motor by resilient couplings.


In order to ensure the normal work of the 2CY-45/9-1A oil transfer gear pump, please pay attention to the following points:

1. When installing the oil pump, do not impact the driving shaft and the main shaft cover, so as to avoid any shift on the faying face of the mechanical oil seal, or even damage on the frictional pairs, which results the seals lose their function.

2. Manually check the shaft resistance when tightening the oil pump. Should have even induction, lag is not allowed.

3. When pump unit installation is completed, open the valve of the inlet and outlet pipe before the motor is opened, gently rotating shaft coupling with hands, wait for the medium to fill up the sealing cavity to maintain good lubrication, and then start the motor. Any form of dry friction will cause the seal to die out soon.

4. When using the pump, avoid turning on and off the motor frequently, so as to prevent the mechanical oil seal friction pairs from abrasion, and to reduce the mechanical oil seal service life.

5. 2CY-45/9-1A gear pump has no mechanical oil seal spare parts. Please refer to the structure diagram if installing the mechanical oil seal by yourself (see as below).


1. Back Cover  2. Washer  3. Mechanical Oil Seal  4. Main Shaft Cover  5. Drive Shaft

2CY-45/9-1A oil transfer gear pump show

2CY-459-1A oil transfer gear pump (1) 2CY-459-1A oil transfer gear pump (2) 2CY-459-1A oil transfer gear pump (3) 2CY-459-1A oil transfer gear pump (4)

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