DWQZ series proximitor Axial displacement Eddy current sensor

Short Description:

Eddy current sensor is a non-contact linear measurement tool. It has the advantages of good long-term reliability, wide measurement range, high sensitivity, high resolution, fast response, strong anti-interference, free from the influence of oil and other media, so it is widely used in power, petroleum, chemical, metallurgical and other industries, such as steam turbine, water turbine, blower, compressor, gearbox, etc Dynamic and static non-contact displacement measurement of large rotating machinery such as large cooling pump.

DWQZ series Eddy current sensor is composed of three parts: DWQZ probe, DWQZ extension cable and DWQZ proximitor.

Product Detail

Eddy current sensor DWQZ series

The Eddy current sensor is the core part of the system. It includes the circuits of oscillation, linear detection, filtering, linear compensation and amplification of the whole sensor system. Together with the extension cable and probe, it forms DWQZ axial displacement turbine sensors of various specifications. According to the diameter specification of the probe, DWQZ Eddy current sensor is divided into three parts:φ 8mm、φ11mm、φ25 mm .There are three specifications. According to the total length of system cable (probe cable length + extension cable length), each specification can be divided into 5M and 9M.

Technical index

The technical index of Eddy Curent Sensor DWQZ Serise:

Probe diameter(mm) : Ф8 /Ф11/ Ф16/ Ф18/ Ф25/ Ф32/ Ф40
Linear range(mm): 2/4/6/8/14.5/18/ 22
Sensitivity (v/mm): 8/4/2/1/0.8/0.6
Operating Temperature:
range Probe ( ℃ ) -40 ~ 150
extension cable ( ℃ ) -40 ~ 150
proximitor( ℃ ) -30 ~ 70
Linear error(%) < 1 < 1 < 1 < 1 < 1.5 < 1.5 < 1.5
Frequency response: 0 ~ 5 KHz
Power Supply: -24VDC or  24VDC
The working voltage can be designed according to user needs
Output current: 4-20mA Load< 500 Ω
Sensor resistance: 2-10 Ω (General 5.4 Ω)
Maximum output voltage About -22VDC (when powered by -24VDC power supply)
Power consumption: < 20 mA

Ordering guide

Eddy Curent Sensor DWQZ Serise Oedering Guide:


DWQZ- A□- B□- C□- D□

Selection instructions
Probe diameter A□:1——φ8mm;2——φ11mm;3——φ25mm
Probe length B□:1——40mm;2——60mm;3——80mm
Cable length C□:1——9m;2——5m;3——14m;4——45m
Cable armor D□:1——With armor ;2——Without armor

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