Furnace Tube Leakage Sensor BLD-3B: Ensure the Safe Operation of Boiler

Furnace Tube Leakage Sensor BLD-3B: Ensure the Safe Operation of Boiler

The BLD-3B Furnace tube leakage sensor, as a type of acoustic sensor, plays a crucial role in the BLD boiler pressure tube leakage monitoring system. It identifies and locates the leakage point of the furnace tube by detecting changes in sound waves, thereby ensuring the safe operation of the boiler.


The working principle of a sound wave sensor is based on the sound wave signal generated during leakage. When the furnace tube leaks, the pressure and flow rate at the leakage point will change, producing specific sound waves. The BLD-3B sensor is able to capture these tiny acoustic signals and convert them into electrical signals for further processing and analysis.


Due to the high sensitivity of acoustic sensors to leaks, BLD-3B can detect leaks with a diameter greater than or equal to 1mm, which is crucial for early detection of potential safety hazards. In addition, acoustic sensors are not affected by environmental factors such as color, light, smoke, etc., and can accurately detect leaks under various conditions.


The design of the BLD-3B acoustic sensor takes into account the extreme environment of boiler operation, with a continuous operating time of over 30000 hours and the ability to maintain stable performance for a long time. At the same time, it can operate normally in ambient working temperatures ranging from -25 ℃ to+95 ℃, with strong adaptability and no need for special temperature control.


In the boiler pressure tube leakage monitoring system, the BLD-3B acoustic sensor can monitor the operating status of the furnace tube in real time, detect and locate the leakage point in a timely manner. This not only helps to avoid safety accidents caused by leaks, but also optimizes the operational efficiency of the boiler by analyzing leakage data, improving the economic benefits and reliability of the entire boiler system.


Overall, the BLD-3B boiler tube leakage sensor is an indispensable component of the boiler pressure tube leakage monitoring system. Its high sensitivity, long continuous operation time, and wide working temperature range make it play an important role in the safe operation and efficiency evaluation of boilers.



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