LVDT Position Sensor ZDET-200B

Short Description:

LVDT Position Sensor ZDET-200B is based on the principle of differential inductance, which converts linear moving mechanical quantity into electric quantity, so as to automatically monitor and control displacement. It has the advantages of high temperature resistance, small size, high accuracy, stable performance, reliable operation and long service life. It can run continuously for one overhaul cycle of steam turbine without maintenance and replacement.
Brand: YOYIK

Product Detail

The LVDT Position Sensor ZDET-200B is designed specifically for measuring the valve position, opening, and stroke of steam turbine units. In conjunction with the actuator, it has functions such as remote indication of valve position and stroke, alarm, and constant current output. The actuator sensor uses a medium frequency differential transformer displacement sensor as the sensing element, which is a highly reliable LVDT displacement sensor with strong anti-interference ability, good linearity, simple structure, and is not easily damaged, and can be used continuously for a long time.


Linear Range Optional from 0~1000mm Linearity 0.5%   0.25%
Sensitivity 2.8~230mv/v/mm Voltage ≤ 0.5% FSO


3Vms (1~5vms) Excitation Frequency 2.5 KHz (400 Hz ~ 100 kHz)
Working Temperature -40~150℃ (conventional)

-40~210℃ (high temp)

Sensitive Coefficient ±0.03%FSO./℃
Vibration Tolerance 20g (up to 2 kHz) Shock Tolerance 1000g (within 5ms)



1. Sensor wires: the blue wire is center tap.

2. Linear range: within two scale lines of the sensor rod (based on “Inlet”).

3. The sensor rod number and shell number must to be consistent, supporting the use.

4. Sensor fault diagnosis: measure RED-YEL coil resistance.

5. Keep sensor shell and signal demodulation unit away from strong magnetic fields.

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