Sealing Ring of Generator Hydrogen Cooling System

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Sealing ring is an important part of hydrogen cooled generator. At present, double flow ring type sealing ring are generally used in China.

In order to prevent the leakage of high-pressure hydrogen in the hydrogen cooled generator along the gap between the casing at both ends of the generator and the rotor, a sealing ring device is installed at both ends of the generator to seal the hydrogen leakage by the flowing high-pressure oil.

Product Detail

Operating principle

The Operating Principle of Sealing ring:

The single flow disc sealing ring has two oil chambers, the sealing oil chamber and the thrust oil chamber. The function of the thrust oil chamber is similar to that of the spring in the mechanical seal. Its oil pressure acts on the sections with different diameters of the oil chamber, making the sealing ring always close to the sealing disc of the rotor. The sealing oil enters between the tungsten pad and the sealing disc through the oil hole in the SMM. As the tungsten pad is processed with an oil wedge along the rotation direction of the rotor, an oil film is formed, which not only plays a role in lubrication, but also prevents the leakage of hydrogen in the machine. The sealing oil pressure shall always be 0.16mpa higher than the hydrogen pressure. Each oil chamber of the sealing ring is sealed with a V-shaped rubber ring. Relative sliding is allowed between the sealing ring and the sealing sleeve. When the rotor expands, it drives the sealing ring to move along the axial direction.

Installation points

Compared with other types of sealing rings, the installation of disc sealing rings is relatively simple. For example, the total radial clearance between the generator rotor and the sealing ring is up to 6 SMM, so there is no need to consider the dynamic and static problems.

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