LJB1 type zero sequence current transformer

Short Description:

LJB1 type I/U Transducer (also called current transformer) can directly convert a large current into a small voltage signal output. It is used in systems with rated frequency 50Hz and rated voltage 0.5KV or less. The transducer input signal for computers, electrical measuring devices, and protective devices.

Product Detail

Features of LJB1 type I/U Transducer

The LJB1 type I/U Transducer integrates the current transformer and the non-inductive AC precision resistor R into one. When the current flows through the primary coil, the secondary output signal is the required voltage; (the current transformer and the resistor R has been matched in production for giving high accuracy to the transformer); because it does not require external power supply, it is easy to install and can work in poor environmental conditions.
Primary current input wiring at terminal P1 and P2. Secondary voltage output wiring at terminal “a” and “x”.

Ordering Code of LJB1 type I/U Transducer


Specification of LJB1 type I/U Transducer

Rated Primary Current 1A~2500A Rated Secondary Voltage 1V, 2V, 5V, or 10V
Rated Frequency 50Hz~400Hz Rated Working Voltage 0.5KV
Accuracy Level Grade 0.5 External Secondary Load Impedance > 10kΩ

Dimensions of LJB1 type I/U Transducer


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