Boiler water cooling wall tube of power plant

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The water cooling wall tube is the only heating surface in the evaporation equipment. It is a radiation heat transfer plane composed of continuously arranged tubes. It is close to the furnace wall to form the four walls of the furnace. Some large-capacity boilers arrange part of the water-cooled wall in the middle of the furnace. The two sides absorb the radiant heat of the flue gas respectively, forming the so-called double-sided exposure water wall. The inlet of the water cooling wall pipe is connected by the header, and the outlet can be connected by the header and then connected to the steam drum through the air duct, or it can be directly connected to the steam drum. The inlet and outlet headers of the water wall on each side of the furnace are divided into several, the number of which is determined by the width and depth of the furnace, and each header is connected with the water wall pipes to form a water wall screen.

Product Detail

The boiler water cooling wall tube has the following functions

(1) The high temperature flame in the boiler furnace conducts radiation heat transfer to the water wall, so that the working medium in the water wall absorbs heat and gradually changes from water to a mixture of steam and water to complete the evaporation process of the working medium.
(2) A certain area of ​​water cooling wall is laid in the furnace, which absorbs a large amount of heat from the high-temperature flue gas, so that the flue temperature near the furnace wall and at the furnace exit can be reduced to below the softening temperature of the ash, preventing slagging on the furnace wall and the heating surface, improve the safety and reliability of boiler operation.
(3) After laying the water wall, the temperature of the inner wall of the furnace wall can be greatly reduced, the furnace wall is protected, the thickness of the furnace wall can be reduced, the weight can be reduced, the structure of the furnace wall is simplified, and the conditions for the use of light furnace walls are created.
(4) Since the radiative heat transfer is proportional to the fourth power of the flame thermodynamic temperature, and the convection heat transfer is only proportional to the first power of the temperature difference, the water wall is the evaporative heating surface dominated by radiation heat transfer, and the flame temperature in the furnace is proportional to the fourth power. It is also very high, so the use of water-cooled walls saves metal compared with the use of convection evaporation tube bundles, thereby reducing the cost of the heating surface of the boiler.

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