Functions of Intelligence Pressure Controller QYJ-10-Kpa

Functions of Intelligence Pressure Controller QYJ-10-Kpa

QYJ-10KPa intelligent pressure controller is a high-tech product designed to meet specific industrial applications, mainly serving the power supply system cable inflator field. The equipment has a number of advanced functions designed to provide accurate pressure monitoring and control, ensuring ease of operation and system stability.


The digital display function of QYJ-10KPa pressure controller can directly display the current working pressure, upper limit alarm pressure and lower limit alarm pressure, so that users can know the pressure state at any time. Users can set the upper limit pressure alarm action value and lower limit pressure alarm control value as required. When the pressure exceeds the preset range, the system will automatically trigger an alarm to ensure operation safety.


As an intelligent pressure monitoring device specially designed for industrial environment, QYJ-10KPa controller has various functions, mainly including:

  • Pressure measurement: accurately measure the pressure of gas or liquid and display the pressure value.
  • Pressure control: automatically adjust the control system according to the preset pressure setting value to maintain the pressure within the safe working range.
  • Alarm function: when the pressure exceeds the preset upper limit or lower limit alarm value, the system will automatically trigger the alarm and remind the operator through audible and visual signals.
  • Digital display: the digital display technology is adopted to clearly display the current pressure value, upper limit alarm value and lower limit alarm value.
  • Parameter setting: users can set the upper limit, lower limit alarm value and control value of the pressure according to the actual needs.
  • Data storage: it has the data storage function, which can save the setting parameters and historical data, and can keep the data from being lost even after power failure.


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