Limit Switch ZHS40-4-N-03K Inductive Proximity Switches

Short Description:

The limit switch ZHS40-4-N-03K is a precision inductive proximity switch based on a precision stable amplitude integrated circuit oscillator. Compared to traditional inductive proximity switches that generate switch signals based on oscillator start and stop, its positioning accuracy, time and temperature stability, and long-term reliability are significantly improved.
Brand: YOYIK

Product Detail

Working principle

The limit switch ZHS40-4-N-03K is a precision induction DC proximity switch composed of a high-frequency oscillator, detection amplifier, comparator, and driving circuit. The oscillator adopts a precision stable amplitude integrated circuit, which generates an alternating magnetic field that forms eddy currents near the surface of the metal object, thereby affecting the amplitude of the oscillator, causing the amplitude of the oscillator to decrease as the measured metal object approaches. After detection and amplification, compared with the set value of the action distance, a binary switch signal is generated, which is output by the driving circuit, thereby playing a switch control role.

Precautions for disassembly and assembly

1. When disassembling and installing the limit switch ZHS40-4-N-03K, the operator should protect the coil section in front of the probe.

2. During operation, all cables in the circuit must be securely connected and insulated.

3. When using the instrument for limit switch ZHS40-4-N-03K calibration, be careful to avoid damaging the instrument.

4. When testing vibration signals, the probe should be firmly fixed to ensure sufficient clearance to avoid damaging the probe due to rotation of the rotary table.

5. Before installing the probe, check for any items that are prone to falling out to prevent foreign objects from falling into the unit.

6. Before installing the probe, tools should be securely carried. In a narrow workspace, it is recommended to use a white cloth strap to connect the tool to the wrist to prevent it from falling into the unit.

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