Stator coil surface HR anti-corona varnish 1244

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Stator coil surface HR anti-corona varnish 1244 is a single component semiconductor insulation paint that is applied to the surface of the motor stator coil, or on asbestos tape or glass fiber tape, wrapping the outer layer of the coil, or on glass cloth to form a one-time insulation, achieving the purpose of anti-corona.
Brand: YOYIK

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Performance and Application

The heat resistance grade of stator coil surface HR anti-corona varnish 1244 is F grade, which is made by grinding epoxy ester with nonlinear and silica colored pigments. The paint can dry at room temperature, with strong film adhesion, good adhesion; wear resistance, high mechanical strength and hardness. After film formation, it has excellent static electricity transmission performance and stable resistance value. It is suitable for large high-voltage motors, steam turbines, and generators Anti corona coating on the end of the stator coil of a hydroelectric generator.

Large and medium-sized generators in power plants require the use of HR anti-corona varnish 1244, as gaps are often unavoidable in the insulation structure of large motors. Due to the common occurrence of partial discharge in high-voltage motors, in order to improve the performance of insulation structures and protect equipment, it is necessary to use high-quality anti-corona paint to control the corona phenomenon.

Stator coil surface HR anti-corona varnish 1244 has good high-temperature resistance and can withstand long-term use in high-temperature environments. In practical applications in power plants, the high resistance anti-corona paint has a significant effect, greatly reducing the failure rate of the generator during operation, and improving the stability and reliability of the generator.

Handling and Storage

1. Precautions for operation: When using Stator coil surface HR anti-corona varnish 1244, it is necessary to have sufficient ventilation and exhaust equipment. Avoid contact with glasses. Do not take orally. Implement good industrial hygiene measures; please clean after operation, especially before eating.

2. Storage reminder: Be cautious and keep away from heat and ignition sources. Store it separately from oxidizing materials.

3. Packaging material: plastic bucket or iron bucket.

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