Steam Turbine Rotation Speed Sensor CS-2

Short Description:

CS-2 Rotational Speed Sensor is able to output accurate waves under low rotational speed and low gear speed. With the maximum installation gap of 2.0mm, the CS-2 speed sensor can avoid the probe being damaged by the rotating tooth disc. It is especially suitable for seriously asymmetrical disc. CS-2 Rotational Speed Sensor has stainless steel threaded shell, casting sealed inner structure, and oil resistant and high temperature resistant wire. It can be applied to smoke, oil and gas, water vapor and other harsh environments. The sensor must not be near any magnetic field or strong current conductor, which will interrupt the output signal.
Brand: YOYIK

Product Detail

The Rotation Speed Sensor CS-2 is used together with the intelligent speed monitor. The intelligent speed monitor can be used together with the sensor to complete the rotation speed measurement, zero revolution measurement and reverse rotation speed measurement of rotating machinery. It is applicable to speed measurement of rotating machinery such as steam turbine, industrial steam turbine, water pump and blower in power plant, and record the maximum speed value of rotating arm.


Features of CS-2 speed sensor:

1、Sensor CS-2 can sense ferrous metal targets;

2. Open collector of digital current output;

3. Sensor CS-2 has better cost performance than magneto-electric sensor;

4. The sensor has excellent low speed performance and high speed performance. The output signal is above 0 ~ 100 KHZ and the amplitude is independent of the speed.

Technical parameters

Power Supply 5~24V DC
Current ≤20mA
Installation Gap 1~2mm (1.5mm recommended)
Measuring Range 1~20000Hz
Output Signal Pulse Signal
Working Temperature -40~80℃
Insulation Resistance ≥50 MΩ
Tooth Disc Material High Magnetic-conducting Metal
Tooth Disc Requirement Involute or equal teeth

Ordering Code

CS - 2 - □□□ - □□

                A         B

Code A: sensor length (default to 100 mm)

Code B: wire length (default to 2 m)

Note: any special requirements not mentioned in above codes, please specify when ordering.

E.g.: the order code "CS-2-100-02" refers to the speed sensor with sensor length of 100mm and wire length of 2m.


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