Vibration speed Sensor HD-ST-A3-B3

Short Description:

HD-ST-A3-B3 Vibration speed sensor is connected with intelligent vibration monitor or transmitter to measure various displacements and velocities, detect early failures of various rotating machinery, and output standard 4-20mA current signals to PLC, DCS, and DEH systems. It provides signals for monitoring instruments to predict and alarm mechanical faults.
Brand: YOYIK

Product Detail

The HD-ST-A3-B3 vibration speed sensor is mainly installed on the bearing covers of various rotating mechanical devices (such as steam turbines, compressors, fans, and pumps). It is an electromagnetic sensor that cuts magnetic lines of force by a moving coil and outputs a voltage. Therefore, it has the characteristics of no need for power supply during operation and easy installation. Installation position: vertically or horizontally mounted on the vibration point to be measured, with M10 at the bottom of the sensor × 1.5 Screw fixations.

Technical Specification

Frequency range 5 ~ 1000Hz ± 8%
Sensitivity 20mV / mm / s ± 5%
Natural frequency about 12Hz
Amplitude limit 2mm (peak to peak)
High acceleration 10g
Protection grade IP65
Amplitude linearity < 3%
Lateral sensitivity ratio < 5%
Output impedance about 450 Ω
Insulation resistance 2m Ω

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Ordering Code

HD-ST - A□ - B□


Connection Type A□:  2: Integrated connection;  3*: Aviation plug connection

Cable Length B□:  1*: 0.5M;  2: 3M;  3: 5M


Without special requirements, the manufacturer shall produce according to the code with star mark *. Please contact us if you have special requirements.

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