Servo valve SM4-40(40)151-80/40-10-H919H

Short Description:

Servo valve SM4-40(40)151-80/40-10-H919H is widely used in electro-hydraulic position, velocity, acceleration, force servo systems, and servo vibration generators. It has the advantages of small size, compact structure, high power amplification coefficient, high control accuracy, good linearity, small dead zone, high sensitivity, good dynamic performance, and fast response speed.

Product Detail


The main components of the internal structure of the SM4-40(40)151-80/40-10-H919H servo valve are: Oil filter, nozzle, armature, coil, permanent magnet, guide magnet, spring tube, baffle, feedback bacterium, fixed throttle hole, valve core, return throttle hole, etc. The Servo valve SM4-40(40)151-80/40-10-H919H is designed symmetrically, achieving reliable throttling of flow with small zero offset, making it more coordinated in operation.

The servo valve SM4-40(40)151-80/40-10-H919H has a standard oil port distribution, and the oil port size is flexibly designed according to the unit configuration, installation method, and transition plate, making on-site replacement more convenient. The combination of SM4, pressure sensor, hydraulic cylinder, and pressure control circuit can achieve precise pressure control circuit combination, allowing the system to achieve better stability.

Working principle

Working principle of servo valve SM4-40 (40) 151-80/40-10-H919H:

When the input coil is connected with current, the baffle of Servo valve SM4-40(40)151-80/40-10-H919H moves to the right, strengthening the throttling effect of the right nozzle, reducing the flow rate, and increasing the back pressure on the right side; At the same time, the throttling effect of the left nozzle will decrease, the flow rate will increase, and the left back pressure will decrease. The force at both ends of the valve core will lose balance, causing the valve core to move to the left. The displacement of the valve core is proportional to the current of the motor, and the hydraulic pressure on the valve core is exactly balanced with the spring force.

Servo valve SM4-40 (40) 151-80/40-10-H919H provides infinite proportional flow control for real-time speed/acceleration curves when used in conjunction with servo hydraulic motors, tachometers, and appropriate electronic devices, correcting closed-loop errors to within tenths of a revolution per minute. The servo valve is equipped with appropriate pressure sensors or weighing sensors, cylinders, and electronic devices for force control applications, providing accurate load pressure/force control and excellent system stability when the pressure and load reach ± 1% of full scale.

Servo Valve SM4-40(40)151-80/40-10-H919H Show

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