30-WS Vacuum pump of sealing oil system

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30-WS Vacuum pump is mainly used for sealing oil system of power plant requiring long-term continuous operation. It has the least moving parts, only rotor and slide valve (completely sealed in the pump cylinder). When the rotor rotates, the slide valve (RAM) acts as a plunger to discharge all air and gas from the exhaust valve. At the same time, when new air is pumped from the air inlet pipe and the air inlet hole of the slide valve recess, a constant vacuum is formed behind the slide valve.

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Vacuum pump of sealing oil system

The air space at the exhaust end of the pump is steadily reduced, allowing air to enter the exhaust valve (spring-loaded sheet check valve) from the exhaust hole. The exhaust valve is immersed in oil to prevent air from leaking into the pump, so the pump can rotate and exhaust easily under atmospheric pressure. When the mixture of air and oil and water enters the oil-gas separator with baffle through the exhaust valve, the oil drops back to the oil tank for reuse, the water is separated to the lower part of the oil tank, and the air is discharged into the atmosphere or into the exhaust pipe. The eccentric rotor group, the slide valve and the rocker seal of the slide valve are integrated to automatically complete the extraction and exhaust. The unique design makes this single-stage pump form an unusual high vacuum and high volumetric efficiency.

The pump has the characteristics of simple use and high working efficiency. It is mainly used in the humid environment with a large amount of condensed water vapor and gas load, especially for the sealing oil system of power plant requiring long-term continuous operation.


1. The pump must be lifted from the bottom of the packing box. During the lifting process, the rope shall not force the pump, especially the pipeline, so as to avoid damage;
2. Do not install valves or other devices that can generate additional pressure on the cooling water unit.
3. It is forbidden to install the suction valve or exhaust valve, otherwise the vacuum and exhaust valve will be damaged.
4. Pay attention to the influence of weather during storage. In winter, avoid cracking the end cover due to the freezing of cooling water. Remember to open the drain plugs under the front and rear covers to drain all cooling water.

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