What to Do If The EH Oil Circulating Pump 02-125801-3 Is Blocked?

What to Do If The EH Oil Circulating Pump 02-125801-3 Is Blocked?

Mechanical jamming of oil pumps is a common fault situation. When mechanical blockage occurs in the oil circulating pump 02-125801-3, there may be these reasons:
EH Oil Circulating Pump 02-125801-3

  1. 1)     The EH oil becomes dirty, and impurities in the oil enter the pump, causing blockage.
  2. 2)     Damaged bearings on the motor or pump side, deviations in the machining dimensions of the bell housing, and misalignment of the coupling can all lead to misalignment between the motor shaft and the pump shaft, exacerbating the radial force imbalance of the shaft, and ultimately leading to jamming between the gear and the pump body.

EH Oil Circulating Pump
Methods for handling mechanical blockage of circulation pump 02-125801-3:

  • Separate the motor from the pump and start the motor separately to see if it can start normally. If so, manually rotate the pump shaft to see if it can rotate (the pump shaft is relatively tight, and there should be some resistance when manually rotating the shaft).EH Oil Circulating Pump bell cover
  • Check that the oil supply pipes and valves are not blocked or leaking oil. Ensure that the supply pressure and fluid flow of the oil pump are normal.
  • Check the transmission system of the oil pump, including transmission belts, chains, gears, and other components, to ensure that they are not damaged or stuck. Remove any obstacles that may get stuck in the transmission system.

What to Do If The EH Oil Circulating Pump 02-125801-3
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Piston Pump High Pressure PVH98QIC-RSF-1S-10-C25-31
Pump Coupling PVH098R01
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Axial Piston Pump PVH074R01AB10A250000002001AE010A
Gear Driven Hydraulic Pump CB-B16
Electric Lubrication Pump LDX36-95
Variable Piston Hydraulic Pump TCM589332
Variable Displacement Pump PVH098R01AD30A250000002001AB010A
Large Flow Helical Gear Oil Pump RCB-300
Oil Piston Pump 02-152165

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