Coal Feeder Load Cell AC19387-1

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The load cell AC19387-1 is an important accessory on the coal feeder. The load cell AC19387-1 used on the coal feeder is gravity sensor, belongs to the scope of force-sensitive sensor; it normally uses the metal resistance strain gauge as a force change detection device.

Product Detail

The coal feeder load cell AC19387-1 basic principle is mounting the strain gauges on subject deformed by the force, the defamation of the deformed subject produced by the strain gauge is converted into electricity, under the premise of the deformation structure type and material identified, the quantity of electricity is only related to the degree of the material force, so as to realize the conversion between the force and electricity.


The AC19387-1 load cell utilizes two conductor plates and an insulation layer to form a capacitor. When the insulation layer is compressed, the distance between the two conductor plates decreases and the capacitance value increases. By measuring the change in capacitance value, the magnitude of pressure applied can be obtained. By detecting changes in certain physical quantities, such as deformation, pressure, light, etc., the force acting on the sensor is calculated to obtain the weight of the object.


1. Regularly clean the sensor: Coal dust and other debris may adhere to the load cell AC19387-1, causing it to fail. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly clean the sensor. Sensors can be cleaned using cleaning agents or warm water and soap.

2. Check the cable: The sensor cable should be checked frequently to ensure a secure connection. If the cable is damaged or worn, it needs to be replaced in a timely manner.

3. Calibrate the sensor: The sensor needs to be calibrated regularly to ensure accurate measurement. Standard quality objects can be used for calibration.

4. Prevent overload: The sensor has a maximum load-bearing capacity and should not exceed this limit. Overloading can cause sensor failure and may lead to accidents.

5. Protection of load cell: load cell should be protected from damage. Protective covers or other protective measures can be used to protect the sensor.

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