GDZ421 room temperature vulcanizing silicon rubber Sealant

Short Description:

Sealant GDZ series is a one-component RTV silicone rubber with high strength, good adhesion and no corrosion. It has excellent electrical insulation properties, sealing properties and aging resistance. It has excellent electrical insulation properties and chemical stability, and is resistant to water, ozone and weathering. Good adhesion to a variety of metallic and non-metallic materials. It can be used for a long time in the temperature range of -60~+200℃.

Product Detail


GDZ421 room temperature vulcanizing silicon rubber sealant  can be used as sealing, bonding, and insulating, moisture-proof and shock-proof material; as a bonding and sealing material for electronic components, semiconductor devices, electronic and electrical equipment; Thermal insulation material is an ideal elastic adhesive for aerospace, aviation, electronic and electrical industries.

Technical Specifications

Exterior white fluid liquid
Surface vulcanization time 25-150min
Tensile strength >22.5Mpa
Weight 100g
Electrical strength >20MV/m
Application Area Electronic and electrical equipment

Packaging and Storage

1. This GDZ421 room temperature vulcanizing silicon rubber sealant  is packaged and sealed in metal hose, sealed and stored, and transported as non-dangerous goods.
2. Package specification: 100g / piece, 10 pieces in a box.
3. Keep dry during storage and transportation to prevent sun and rain. The storage period of this product is half a year. The expired products can still be used after re inspection.


Since the basic polymer, filler and crosslinking agent of one component RTV silicone rubber Sealant GDZ series have been evenly mixed and packaged in one container; the rubber can be vulcanized into elastomer only by extruding the rubber and contacting the moisture in the air. It can also be dispersed in a suitable solvent for spraying, dipping or brushing. When preparing the dispersion, use dry solvent and avoid contact with moisture in the air.

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