Rubber Bladder for ST High Pressure Accumulator NXQ A-10/31.5-L-EH

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Rubber Bladder for ST High Pressure Accumulator NXQ A-10/31.5-L-EH is suitable for the EH oil system of steam turbines. It is a safe and convenient internal opening inspection and Rubber Bladder replacement without the need to remove the hydraulic system pipeline. The top maintenance is convenient for the accumulator, and the working fluid will not scatter, which is beneficial for protecting the environment. If the Rubber Bladder is improperly installed, folded, twisted, etc., it is the cause of its damage. Our company's energy accumulator can easily confirm the installation status of the leather bag from the top, so that the cause of leather bag damage can be prevented in advance.
Brand: YOYIK

Product Detail


1. Excellent high mixing performance: NXQ A-10/31.5-L-EH Rubber Bladder material has good thermal stability and can work stably in high temperature environments. Generally, the temperature range of fluororubber is between -20 ℃ to 200 ℃, and can even reach 260 ℃, making it suitable for some high-temperature applications.

2. Excellent chemical resistance: NXQ A-10/31.5-L-EH Rubber Bladders have excellent chemical resistance and can resist the corrosion of various acids, alkalis, solvents, oils and other chemical substances, making them suitable for working environments that require chemical corrosion resistance;

3. Excellent oxidation resistance: able to resist oxidation and oxygen erosion, therefore not prone to aging and cracking, maintaining long-term elasticity and toughness;

4. Excellent sealing performance: With good sealing performance, it can maintain good sealing performance and reduce leakage and loss;

5. Excellent weather resistance: Excellent weather resistance, capable of long-term stable use in harsh weather conditions;

6. Good oil resistance: With good oil resistance, it is suitable for working environments that require contact with fire-resistant oil.


The NXQ A-10/31.5-L-EH rubber bladder is an energy accumulator capsule suitable for EH oil media. When replacing, the following steps should be followed during disassembly: the first step is to exhaust the nitrogen inside the rubber bladder, pay attention to ventilation, and avoid poisoning and oil leakage from the casing. Loosen the rear nut of the accumulator charging nozzle with a wrench, remove the charging valve, and push the valve seat connecting the rubber bladder into the housing. Loosen the back nut on the oil side of the accumulator with a wrench. Take out the back nut and compression nut, push the oil valve into the housing, and take out the rubber ring, retaining ring, and support ring, also known as a leather bowl. After compression deformation, remove the O-ring, retaining ring, and support ring, remove the rubber seat and mushroom valve, carefully inspect the oil valve components and seals, and replace the worn and deformed seals. Replace the new rubber cup without wear, deformation, peeling, or aging, and finally remove the rubber bladder.

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