Steam Turbine Magnetic Rotation Speed Sensor SMCB-01-16L

Short Description:

SMCB-01-16L magnetic rotation speed sensor adopts a new SMR element, which is triggered by a steel material permeable magnet. It has the characteristics of wide frequency response (from static to 30KHZ), good stability, and strong anti-interference. There is an amplifying and shaping circuit inside to output a square wave signal with stable amplitude, which can realize long-distance transmission. It can measure rotation speed, displacement, angular displacement measurement and precise positioning of related equipment. The product has high reliability, sturdiness and durability.

Product Detail

The magnetic rotation speed sensor SMCB-01-16L is a single-channel sensor, which can output a single-channel square wave pulse signal with stable amplitude. When the gear rotates, it will send out a square wave pulse every time it passes a tooth. When the gear does not rotate, there may be high and low levels. The speed sensor can measure speed, displacement and angular displacement. It is widely used in various industrial equipment.

Technical Specification

The Technical Specification of Magnetic Rotation Speed Sensor SMCB-01-16L:

Working voltage DC12V ±1V
Response frequency 0.3HZ~1KHZ or 1HZ~20KHZ
Output signal Square wave signal. High level: approximate power supply voltage; low level: <0.3V
Trigger form steel gear, rack or other soft magnetic and hard magnetic materials
Tooth width distance ≥1.5mm
Working distance 0~2.5mm
Operating temperature -25℃~﹢80℃
Applicable humidity ≤95%RH
Measurement accuracy ±1 pulse
Protection form polarity, short circuit
Protection level IP65
Output mode Default PNP output
Weight Approximately 195g


1. The connection wire of Magnetic Rotation Speed Sensor SMCB-01-16L marked with the red dot should be perpendicular to the direction of movement of the speed measuring gear.

2. If the main shaft moves axially, please note that the sensor should be aligned with the center of the gear.

3. Wire connection: red wire: positive power supply; green wire: ground; yellow wire: signal output; metal wire: shielded wire.

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