Influence of Resistance of EH Oil Filter AX3E301-01D10V/-W on System Energy Consumption

Influence of Resistance of EH Oil Filter AX3E301-01D10V/-W on System Energy Consumption

In the steam turbine EH oil system, the EH main oil pump inlet filter AX3E301-01D10V/-W is responsible for filtering out tiny impurities in the oil, ensuring the cleanliness of the oil, and thus protecting the main oil pump and the entire hydraulic control system. However, the use status of the filter element, especially its resistance change, has a profound impact on the system energy consumption and even the economy and safety of the entire power plant.


In the fire-resistant oil system, the main oil pump is the power source for oil circulation. It is responsible for pumping fire-resistant oil from the oil tank, pressurizing it and sending it to various parts of the system to provide power for the adjustment system, lubrication system and protection system. In this process, the oil will inevitably contain impurities such as tiny particles, moisture, and oxidation products. If these impurities are not filtered out, they will cause wear on the precision hydraulic components, affect the adjustment accuracy, and even cause equipment failure in severe cases. Therefore, the design of the fire-resistant oil main oil pump inlet filter AX3E301-01D10V/-W is crucial. It needs to have high-efficiency filtering capabilities while minimizing the negative impact on the system’s fluid dynamics characteristics.


When the main oil pump inlet filter AX3E301-01D10V/-W is newly installed or cleaned, its resistance is small, the oil can flow smoothly, the oil pump works easily, and the energy consumption is low. However, over time, impurities gradually accumulate on the surface of the filter element, and the pores are blocked, causing the oil path through the filter element to narrow and the flow rate to increase. According to the principles of fluid mechanics, this will directly increase the friction resistance of the fluid through the filter, thereby increasing the overall pressure drop of the system.

control valve actuator inlet working filter AP3E302-01D10V-W (4)

What effect does the increase in resistance have on the energy consumption of the system?

When the resistance of the filter element increases, the oil pump must overcome a greater pressure difference in order to maintain the designed flow rate, which requires the oil pump to output greater power. In some cases, the oil pump may even be overloaded and its efficiency may decrease, further increasing energy consumption.


The total energy efficiency ratio of the system is an important indicator for evaluating the energy utilization efficiency of the system. The additional energy consumption caused by the increase in filter element resistance will directly lower the energy efficiency ratio of the entire system, which means that the same output requires more input energy and increases operating costs.


When the oil pump runs under high resistance, it is easy to cause system pressure fluctuations and affect the accuracy of hydraulic control. Especially in the turbine speed control system, unstable pressure may cause slow speed control response.


Long-term operation under high pressure difference not only puts additional burden on the oil pump itself, but also may cause the vibration of pipes, valves and other accessories to increase, accelerate the wear of these parts, shorten the service life of the equipment, increase maintenance costs and the risk of unplanned downtime.

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In order to effectively control the negative impact of filter element resistance on system energy consumption, power plants should establish a complete filter element monitoring system, regularly measure the pressure difference before and after the filter element, and replace the filter element in time when the pressure difference reaches the replacement threshold recommended by the manufacturer. Through preventive maintenance, energy consumption surges caused by filter element blockage can be avoided. In addition, strengthen the daily maintenance of fire-resistant oil, regularly perform oil sampling and analysis, control the content of pollutants in the oil, and reduce the blockage rate of the filter element. At the same time, reasonably arrange the purification and replacement cycle of the oil, maintain the cleanliness of the oil, and indirectly reduce the resistance of the filter element.

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