Linier Variable Differential Transformer (LVDT sensor) TDZ-1E-03

Short Description:

Linier Variable Differential Transformer (LVDT sensor) TDZ-1E-03 is based on the principle of electromagnetic induction. Unlike traditional power transformers, LVDT is a measuring element with weak magnetic coupling in an open magnetic circuit. Its structure consists of an iron core, armature, primary coil, and secondary coil. During operation, the mutual inductance change with the position of the iron core, and the secondary induced electromotive force also varies, thereby changing the displacement of the iron core into a voltage signal output.
Brand: YOYIK

Product Detail

Main features

1. Clear working principle, simple product structure, good working performance, and long service life;

2. LVDT sensor TDZ-1E-03 has high sensitivity, wide linear range, and reusable;

3. High resolution, widely used, suitable for different devices;

4. Symmetric structure and recoverable zero position;

5. Strong load-bearing capacity: One measuring instrument can simultaneously drive 1-30 LVDTs to work.


Linear range



±0.3% full stroke

Operating temperature

-40~150℃ (conventional)

-40~210℃ (high temp)

Coefficient of sensitive


Lead wires

three Teflon insulated sheathed cable, outside stainless steel sheathed hose

Vibration tolerance

20g up to 2 kHz


1. Position detection: Linier Variable Differential Transformer (LVDT sensor) TDZ-1E-03 can detect the position information of objects and determine their position by outputting electrical signals or other signals.

2. Motion control: Displacement sensors can measure changes in the position of objects, thereby helping the control system achieve precise motion control.

3. Quality detection: Displacement sensors can detect the deformation and displacement of objects, which can be used to determine the quality and stability of objects.

4. Strain analysis: displacement sensor can measure the small deformation of objects, so that strain analysis and Structural health monitoring can be carried out.

5. Automation control: Displacement sensors can be used in conjunction with computers and other automation control equipment to achieve automation control and data collection.

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