Hydraulic system air filter element QUQ2-20×1

Short Description:

Hydraulic air filter QUQ2-20x1 is a device used to filter impurities and pollutants in hydraulic system and air system. They are usually composed of a filter element and a shell. The filter element is made of filter paper, filter screen or other materials. It is used to capture and filter particles and pollutants in the fluid, so as to keep the system clean and working normally. The hydraulic air filter is usually installed and used through the interface connected to the system pipe or equipment.

Product Detail

QUQ2-20x1 hydraulic air filter has the advantages of light volume, reasonable structure, beautiful and novel appearance design, stable filtering performance, and convenient installation and use. Applicable occasions: applicable to air purification of hydraulic system oil tank. The air filter element can effectively control the pollution degree of the working medium, protect the safe operation of the hydraulic system, and extend the service cycle and service life of the oil and the working elements in the hydraulic system.

Technical Data

The Technical Data of air filter element QUQ2-20x1:

Air filtration 20μm
Air flow rate 0.63/1.0/2.5 m³/min Optional
Temp. range -20~100℃
oil filter mesh 0.5mm, can be selected according to user requirements


The user should regularly select the hydraulic oil sample to test the cleanliness of the oil, and determine the replacement period of the air filter element QQ2-20x1, which is generally between 6 months and 1 year. If the oil pollution is serious, it needs to be replaced in advance. When replacing the filter element, it is necessary to check whether there are metal particles or debris at the bottom of the filter element. If there are copper or iron filings, it indicates that some components in the hydraulic system, such as pump thunder and valves, have been damaged or will be damaged. If there are rubber impurities, it indicates that the seals in the hydraulic cylinder have been damaged and need to be replaced or cleaned together with the filter element.

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