Gear Oil Pump GPA2-16-E-20-R6.3

Short Description:

Gear oil pump GPA2-16-E-20-R6.3 is a common hydraulic pump, which is widely used in the hydraulic system. Its main function is to suck hydraulic oil from the oil tank and deliver pressure to the hydraulic system, so as to realize the power source of the hydraulic system.

Product Detail

Gear oil pump GPA2-16-E-20-R6.3 is widely used in hydraulic system, mainly used to transport hydraulic oil and provide power source of pressure and flow. Its working principle is simple, its structure is compact, its performance is stable, and it has the advantages of small size, low noise, and high reliability. When using the gear oil pump, attention should be paid to the matching of its working pressure, flow, speed and other parameters to ensure its normal operation, and regular inspection and maintenance should be carried out to extend its service life.

Operational principle

The working principle of gear oil pump GPA2-16-E-20-R6.3 is relatively simple, and its basic structure includes gear, oil pump body, oil inlet, oil outlet, seals and other parts. When the oil pump shaft rotates, the gears rotate accordingly, and through the meshing between the gears, hydraulic oil is sucked into the oil pump body from the inlet, and then pushed out of the oil pump body, and transported to the hydraulic system from the outlet. The gear oil pump generates pressure by rotating the gear, and the pressure depends on the speed of the oil pump and the size of the gear and other parameters.


The application of gear oil pump GPA2-16-E-20-R6.3 in hydraulic system has the following characteristics:

1. The gear oil pump is small in size, simple in structure, light in weight, easy to operate and maintain.

2. Gear oil pump can provide high working pressure and flow, which is suitable for the needs of various hydraulic systems.

3. The flow and pressure output of the gear oil pump is stable, and the flow is adjustable, which can meet the flow and pressure requirements under different working conditions.

4. The gear oil pump has low noise and small size, and is suitable for hydraulic systems with limited space.

5. The service life of the gear oil pump is long and can reach tens of thousands of hours.

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Circulating gear oil pump GPA2-16-E-20-R6.3 (5) Circulating gear oil pump GPA2-16-E-20-R6.3 (4) Circulating gear oil pump GPA2-16-E-20-R6.3 (3) Circulating gear oil pump GPA2-16-E-20-R6.3 (1)

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