ZB2-BE101C handle selector push button Option switch

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ZB2-BE101C push button switch, also known as the control button (referred to as the button), is a low-voltage electrical appliance that is manually and generally reset automatically. Buttons are usually used to issue start or stop commands in circuits to control the on and off of electrical coil currents such as electromagnetic starters, contactors, and relays.

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handle selector push button Option switch

ZB2-BE101C push button switch refers to a switch that uses a button to push the transmission mechanism to make the moving contact and the static contact press on or off and realize circuit switching. The push button switch is a kind of master electrical appliance with simple structure and great application. In electrical automatic control circuits, it is used to manually issue control signals to control contactors, relays, electromagnetic starters, etc.

Selector switch is a switching device that combines the functions of tap selector and change-over switch and can carry and turn on and off current.

A selector switch is a device that is usually connected to other devices (usually electronic audio or video input and output devices) and used to switch between these different devices. Different types of equipment use different types of switches.

The selection switch has only one small handle that can be pulled in several directions. The small handle is disconnected in the most central position (that is, when the small handle is perpendicular to the switch). When it is pulled in different directions, different circuit power supplies are connected.

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