Specialty of Alumina Filter 30-150-219 in EH Oil Deacidification

Specialty of Alumina Filter 30-150-219 in EH Oil Deacidification

Alumina filter element 30-150-219 is a kind of commonly used acid-removal filter element in the steam turbine fire-resistant oil system, which is mainly used to remove acidic substances in the oil. These acids may corrode and damage the metal parts inside the fire-resistant fuel system, so the filter elements 30-150-219 are critical to ensure the normal operation of the system.

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However, we know that there are usually several types of anti-fuel oil acid removal filter elements, such as diatomite filter element, alumina filter element and ion resin exchange filter element. What is special about the alumina filter element among these acid removal filter elements?

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  • High specific surface area: the main component of the alumina filter element is alumina (Al2O3). With high specific surface area, it can provide a larger adsorption area and effectively remove acidic substances in the fuel. In contrast, another diatomaceous earth filter element has a good filtration effect on water, but its adsorption capacity to acidic substances is relatively weak.
  • Chemical stability: alumina filter element has excellent chemical stability, which can resist various chemical substances in the fuel and is not easy to be corroded and damaged, so as to extend the service life of the filter element.
  • Thermal stability: Alumina filter element has good thermal stability, which can maintain stable performance under high temperature environment and is not easy to deform or soften.
  • Wide application: in addition to the fire-resistant oil regeneration device of the power plant, the alumina filter element can also be used in various hydraulic oil systems for acid removal.

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It can be seen that the alumina filter element, as a kind of anti-oil acid removal filter element, has better filtration effect and service life than other filter elements, and can better protect the normal operation of the anti-oil system.

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