Fire-resistant oil filter DP401EA01V/-F

Short Description:

The Fire-resistant oil filter DP401EA01V/-F is a steam turbine main oil pump inlet flushing filter. Before putting the working filter element into operation, it is necessary to first install the flushing filter element to pre filter the mechanical impurities and colloidal substances in the fire-resistant oil, and then install the working filter element to achieve better filtering effect.
Brand: YOYIK

Product Detail

The Fire-resistant oil filter DP401EA01V/-F is installed in the EH oil circulation pump to improve the quality of fire-resistant oil inflow and filter out impurities in the fire-resistant oil. A bypass check valve should be installed in the return oil filter of the fire-resistant fuel circulation pump to avoid deformation caused by oil pressure when the filter is blocked. When the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet of the return oil filter is greater than the set value (0.5MPa), the one-way valve acts to short-circuit the filter and ensure the normal operation of the fire-resistant fuel system.


The Fire-resistant oil filter DP401EA01V/-F adopts an internal and external support structure, and the medium flow direction passes through the filter material from the outside to the inside, which can maximize the filtering area of the filter material and improve the pollutant capacity. The filter material is made of high-quality polymer for acid and ion removal, with precision strictly controlled. The end cover is formed by high-strength cold plate stamping. The filter element can withstand pressure of 0-33kg.

Technical parameters

Filter element form foldable filter element
End cover material stainless steel stamping
Filter element skeleton material stainless steel
Sealing material fluororubber
Filter material glass fiber
Purpose Oil to remove impurities
Working temperature 0-80 ℃

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