EH oil system globe valve SHV20

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The EH oil system globe valve SHV20 is used in the EH oil system of thermal power plants and is installed on the integrated block of the energy accumulator. It is suitable for full opening or full closing and does not have the function of regulation and throttling. The EH oil system belongs to a high-pressure system, with high fluid resistance and high force required for opening and closing. It can be operated with specialized tools. Its material selection is stainless steel, corrosion-resistant, and externally threaded connection.
Brand: YOYIK

Product Detail


EH oil system globe valve SHV20 is a stainless steel valve used for steam turbine oil engines. The oil engine mainly consists of hydraulic cylinders, integrated blocks, shut-off valves, two-position four-way electromagnetic directional valves (test solenoid valves and shutdown solenoid valves), unloading valves, and check valves. The hydraulic motor is a single side oil inlet cylinder, which is driven by fire-resistant fuel pressure to open and closed by spring force on the control seat.

SHV20 globe valve has high temperature and pressure resistance, good heat resistance, sealing surface wear resistance, scratch resistance, and good sealing performance. It can also be used in pipelines for high-temperature and high-pressure, steam, and oil products in petrochemical systems and metallurgy.

The rated pressure of the EH oil system globe valve SHV20 is 30MPa, suitable for temperatures ranging from -29℃~560℃. This valve is not only used in power systems, but also widely used in fluid control systems in various chemical, metallurgical and other industries.

Product advantages

1. The double sealing design of the globe valve SHV20 (bellows+packing) will prevent leakage of the valve stem packing if the bellows fails;

2. External leakage and compliance with international sealing standards;

3. The globe valve SHV20 has no fluid loss, reducing energy loss and improving the safety of factory equipment;

4. Long service life, reduced maintenance frequency, and reduced operating and maintenance costs;

5. The globe valve SHV20 adopts a corrugated pipe sealing design, completely eliminating the shortcomings of ordinary valve stem packing seals that are prone to aging and leakage. It not only improves energy efficiency, increases production equipment safety, reduces maintenance costs and frequent maintenance, but also provides a clean and safe working environment.

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