LVDT Position Sensor 3000TD

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LVDT Position Sensor 3000TD converts mechanical measurement of liner movement into electrical power. Through this principle, sensors measure and control displacement automatically. LVDT Position Sensor 3000TD have simple structure, high reliability, excellent usage and maintainability, long life, good linearity and high repeat precision. It also has a wide measuring range, low time constant and fast dynamic response.
Brand: YOYIK

Product Detail

The basic component of the LVDT position sensor 3000TD consists of an iron core and two coils. By weak electromagnetic coupling between the primary coil and the secondary coil, the displacement change of the iron core is precisely linearly related to the output voltage (current) change.

The LVDT position sensor 3000TD is powered by a DC stabilized power supply and outputs DC voltage or current. Its output signal has large amplitude and can be directly used for recording or displaying by recorders, digital panel meters, PLCs, DCS, etc. It can measure displacement or be connected to a feedback system through an amplifier to achieve automatic control of the position closed-loop.


Linear range 0~150mm
Linearity ±0.3% full stroke
Excitation voltage 3VRMS (1~17VRMS)
Excitation frequency 2.5 KHz (400 Hz~100 KHz)
Operating temperature -40~150℃
Coefficient of sensitive ±0.03%FSO./℃
Lead wires six Teflon insulated sheathed cable, outside stainless steel sheathed hose
Vibration tolerance 20g up to 2 kHz


1. Sensor wires: primary: brown yellow, sec1: black green, sec2: blue red.

2. Linear range: within two scale lines of the sensor rod (based on “Inlet”).

3. The sensor rod number and shell number must to be consistent, supporting the use.

4. Sensor fault diagnosis: measure PRI coil resistance and SEC coil resistance.

5. Keep sensor shell and signal demodulation unit away from strong magnetic fields.

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