A Special Cable GJCL-15 Used for Boiler APH Gap Sensor

A Special Cable GJCL-15 Used for Boiler APH Gap Sensor

The GJCL-15 cable is specially designed for the gap measurement device of boiler air preheaters. When the rotary air preheater operates, the rotor will experience uneven expansion due to heating, causing a gap between the radial sealing plate and the fan-shaped plate. This will cause a large amount of combustion air to leak into the flue, increasing the load and power consumption rate of the forced draft fan and induced draft fan, and ultimately leading to a decrease in boiler efficiency.

Gap Sensor Probe GJCT-15-E (5)

The gap measurement device provided by Yoyik is used to monitor changes in gap size, consists of gap sensor GJCT-15/GJCT-15-E, transmitter GJCF-15, cable GJCL-15, mounting brackets, air pipes, and other components. The gap sensor returns the measured gap value, and then uses an actuator to lift or lower the sector plate to ensure that the dynamic and static parts of the air preheater do not collide, reducing the situation of radial gap leading to air leakage.

GJCF-15 APH Gap Control system Signal Transmitter (2)

The gap measurement device adopts a non-contact method without wear to measure the air leakage gap. GJCL-15 cable can be used in high-temperature environments, resistant to corrosion and deformation, to ensure long-term uninterrupted operation of the air preheater.

GJCF-15 APH Gap Control system Signal Transmitter (1)
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