Epoxy-ester insulating varnish H31-3

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H31-3 epoxy-ester insulating varnish is air-drying varnish, with F insulation grade of 155 ℃ temperature resistance. The epoxy-ester insulating varnish is made of epoxy resin, benzene and alcohol organic solvents and additives. It has good resistance to mildew, moisture and chemical corrosion. The dried paint film is smooth and bright, and has good adhesion to a variety of substrates.

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H31-3 epoxy-ester insulating varnish is suitable for surface covering of steam turbine, generator, and water turbine generator, AC/DC motor and other electrical appliances. It is also suitable for all kinds of F-class motors and transformers that are not easy to be bake insulated, or to repair and insulate F-class electrical appliances. If the surface coating is required to be thin, an appropriate amount of thinner can be added to the paint for dilution.


Appearance Yellow brown transparent liquid, no mechanical impurities
Viscosity 300~600 S (Tu-4 cup at 25℃)
Acid Value ≤11 mg Koh/g
Solid Content 55+±2%
Drying Time ≤25 h (at 25±1℃)
Packaging Optional: 5kg / barrel, 10 kg / barrel, 17 kg / barrel

(If you have other packaging requirements, you can contact us directly and we will provide you with solutions.)


The epoxy-ester insulating varnish H31-3 shall be stored under 25 ℃ in a dark, cool and ventilated place, with a shelf life of no less than 6 months.

Note: This product should be stored away from fire sources, heat sources and places out of the reach of children. In case of fire, the fire extinguishing agents that can be used include foam, carbon dioxide, dry powder and river sand.


1. The epoxy-ester insulating varnish H31-3 can be dipped, sprayed or brushed. The coating film should not be too thick each time, otherwise, the deep film is not easy to dry.

2. Reference drying conditions: 25±1℃ for 24h.

3. Diluent can use xylene, 200 solvent oil, etc.

4. If it is necessary to speed up the curing time, heat can be applied at lower than 60 ℃.

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